Looking forward to spring ” HooFarmWorkshop “

The new year is well under way. The first signs people are thinking of seasons change are reflected in our current crafting. This time of year bespoke growing frames for specific locations and standard period trellis, obelisks etc dominate the workshop crafting schedule. Like this Gothic Trellis, period in design 193cm high and 89cm wide. Easily fixed to the wall with 4 screws, fully galvanised and finished in antique etch. This elegant Trellis will sit in quite reflection of seasons change, the perfect armature for planting schemes for seasons to come. Continue reading →

RaymentWire’s Countdown to Christmas – Xmas Table centre piece

Every year around this time, especially if Sally and I are hosting Christmas Day, with all the trimmings. I like to make a centre piece for the Christmas Table. blog 2 Red is my favourite colour and ultimately features in the finished piece. the table centre piece also doubles as a present for great Granny, 96 years young this year. #Families are...

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RaymentWire’s Countdown to Christmas – year Round Up 2016

Rayment's have enjoyed a brilliantly creative year, with many bespoke projects finishing beyond their expectation, ("I'm always my worst critic"). blog 1 It's a great feeling to finally see the physical piece finished. At the design stage only the minds eye has insight to the posibilities. For me this Year, the highlight was an elegant period L-shaped Veranda.

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